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How do you feel when your partner chooses time with their friends over you?

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More like she chooses everyone else over me and it hurts especially when I'm sick and she leaves me to go with her mom to look at a dog. Her mom was never there for here and I always am so yeah it cuts deep

It depends on the reason behind it.
Male or Female, 26-30 years, Dating | Apr 12, 2014

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Happy that she can find the time to do that.
I feel fine when he chooses time with a male friend over time with me, but if it is time with another couple I have to be included, or I feel left out. Of course he hasn't done that in a very long time, and I appreciate that.
Female, >50 years, Married | Mar 26, 2014

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Thats healthy. I understand. Plus i want to be on caras friends side and not letting her have girl time would ruin that relationship

It depends because sometimes I feel like I am fighting for attention between dogs, kids, friends, and social media

Breaks my heart. Drives me crazy. Makes me angry. But once she say "on my way" happiness flows through me.. Anger is lost.. And understanding she needs r n r....

Happy. My partner needs to live and have fun. She works too hard and I worry about her stress levels. A lot.

I wish he would spend more time with his friends!!

I feel okay but want to be included, if I like to come alone. if the time if hibitul friends out with out me . I'm not in loop. we loose communication

it's OK with me, as long as it's not all the time

No me sentía mal porque pense que era algo normal, nunca imagine que nuestra relacion estaba tan mal como para que pudiese comenzar algo con otra persona

Usually I don't mind depending on the situation.

I think it's great for her to hang out with friends because I want for her to have a bigger support group in her new city.
As long as I get my cuddle time, all is good. I got shit to do.
Female, 36-40 years, Married, TX, US | Mar 08, 2014

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I hope he doesn't.

Happy that we get some time apart to do something that makes us happy.

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