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How do you feel when your partner chooses time with their friends over you?

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I enjoy some time with my friends and respect that my partner might enjoy his friends as well.

she doesn't but I'm sure she has something to say about me I usually have bad timing lol

As long as we are also spending time together, I encourage it! Sometimes, though, we overextend ourselves, and then we have to choose between time with friends and time with each other for a short while.

As long as its not an often thing. He is already away from home a lot and the time that he is at home he feels absent or very interested in his iPad/computer, and if on top of that I see that he has more interest in organising and planning what to do with his friends when he doesn't do that with can hurt badly.

It's rare, spiffy she chooses that I have no issue.
The last time he choice his friends over me I was very upset because he had promised to make love to me in the door. I told him to stay, but he came home. We never made love that night and I felt like it was a way to get out of having sec with me.
Female, >50 years, Married, NY, US | Jan 24, 2014

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I'm okay with it! We all have friends and have to balance them with our relationship :)

He doesn't do that right now, but it hurt me so badly when he did it... :-(

I'm okay with it! We both have many friends, and I might want to do the same from time to time.

I'm happy when he spends time with his friends, it's healthy. If they plan to get smashed or I feel like things are being kept from me I get uncomfortable. I don't really trust them all. I'd like everyone to be able to hang out together more it seems when they all get together he goes off in one direction and I'm left to find my way, I'd like to be able to all have fun together. But basically as long as he's not cancelling on our plans then I like him to see his friends of course.

That's what the prenup is for baby!

I don't want to be that bf that keeps her away from her friends even Tho I don't mind spending every day with her :)


It doesn't bother me as long as we didn't have plans.

I would understand, because we are going out together but that does not mean we must now quit all contact with other people. We have friends after all and we must go out with them every once in a while as well. I believe in time we must find a ballance between the two of us going out and going out with friends.

My Lili? I don't ever feel that and as long as I don't feel I am not worth her time, who cares?

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