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How do you feel when your partner chooses time with their friends over you?

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That usually doesn't happen

I think we need to have time with our friends. It is just hard because we share a lot of the same if he didn't invite me to go out with some of them, I think my feelings would be a little hurt.

Umm, well he tends to only choose them when it comes to video games. And 99.9% of the time i don't mind at all. But if he starts acting like a jerk then its a problem.

As long as she's not banging them anymore, I'm good.

He never does, but every once in a while would be fine!

It's healthy to have interests outside your partner!

More like family than friends.

I'll admit, I might get butthurt depending on the situation...but I think friend time is super important too

I dont mind at all I think its important that she spends time with her friends
Well to be honest I love the fact that he has so many great friends so I totally support him having his boy time. However, I have to admit sometimes I get a bit jealous. But it all depends on the day and how Im feeling and if I had something already planned in my mind for the both of us to do.
Female, 36-40 years, Dating | Feb 04, 2013

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I think that time with friends is important, as long as it's not all their time. Everything in moderation.

I don't mind it.

Like guy friends Lol
I have four kids I see my friends once a month

He needs to have time with his friends too. It's just as important as the time he spends with me. I'd never force him to choose between us.

We both agree that we need time with our friends. I like to think that we have separate lives to an extent, then come back and have a life together where we can talk about the things we experienced without each other.

It never bothers me at all -- in fact, I think she's got more trouble letting go and having her own social life than I do. I like having time together and time apart; it lets us appreciate the time together more, and it means we always have new and interesting things to share with each other. And her friends are really quite great, so I want her to be able to hang out with them and enjoy the hobbies they have together.

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