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How do you feel when your partner chooses time with their friends over you?

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Considering HOW MUCH time we spend with one another now, I would encourage it! :) GO BOWLING, B BEAR!

I'm ok with it. I dont think he hangs out with his friends much (that I know of)

I feel hurt

He doesn't :)

Sad but I know he is having fun and happy so that makes it okay <3

I am glad he has developed friendships and think its good for both of us.

I encourage him to go out with his friends because we all need some time away from each other.

I don't mind much anymore, her friends are good people. Used to be that her friends were more important than us, but that's because there was no "us".

But God made everything new.

He doesn't.

A little hurt, in quite possessive but I can understand he needs guy time

There needs to be a balance. I encourage friend time if I've been monopolizing :)


It would be weird if he didn't since we're far from each other.

Havent had that experience. Im 100%sure i made her feel crappy everytime i did that... For that my love im truly sorry... Wont happen anymore

I am good with it. In fact I worry when she spends too much time just with me and the kids.

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