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What was the first gift that you received from your partner? And did you like it?

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At her apartment's front door. Early hours of the morning on November 20th of 2013

After we started dating, bearjson ~~ <3 before, maybe gummy worms x3

I guess the first gift I remember is a painting of Jesus looking over Jerusalem. I love it and it sits above my fireplace now :)
I remember stressing so much about that gift. Hoping you'd like it and it wouldn't be too much.
Male, 41-50 years, Married, UT, US | Jan 20, 2015

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Two really cool food themed tshirts and a fashionable dress shirt.

A pair of shoes from Aldo. :)

I got a diamond heart necklace and I wear it every day.

I remember my husband bringing me Starbucks most mornings when we were dating, but I think one of the first gifts that I remember was a green cell phone. It had a keyboard so it made texting much easier before we had these smart phones.

New tank tops before we dated because I was too poor to replace mine with safety pins keepin them in one piece 💜💜

Roses with a beautiful note in my car the morning before a day I'd been dreading. Starting of my day with that incredibly loving and supportive surprise made it so much easy to handle what I had to handle and also assured me that id never have to face anything alone again.

A magnet of a bench to symbolize when we first meant and how we stay on the bench for hours just talking in the park while children played on a cloudy day and I love it and the gift was amazing and thoughtful and thought out 😘
Shoes. And I love them!
Male or Female, 21-25 years, Dating | Feb 26, 2015

Oops. Already answered this one. HAHAHAHA!
Male or Female, 21-25 years, Dating | Feb 26, 2015

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Red velvet cake. It was le awesome!

He gave me candy at work before we started dating lol.

He made me a wooden keepsake box that had a poem on the outside of the box and a collage of us on the inside with mod-podge. It was the sweetest gift I ever received.

I know you gave me gifts when we were dating but the first, first gift that comes to mind right now is the candle light dinner of lasagna that you made for my birthday right after we were married.

The pink flame less candles for my new home...a place as timid and undecorated as I was...the first of many gifts of light. Light! Just the thing I've been looking for. Is it a clue?

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