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What was the first gift that you received from your partner? And did you like it?

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The first gift I received from my partner was a big kiss. Yes, that is a gift and I loved it.
Aww, Honey!
Male, >50 years, Dating, Gay, SC, US | Mar 18, 2014

Male, >50 years, Dating, Gay, SC, US | Mar 18, 2014

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holding her hand and he cheer on our first date

The first gift she gave me would have to be telling me she loved me and that was the greatest gift she could've given me

He gave me this lovely heart necklace. I was so shocked to have been given jewelry from someone I had only just met that I think he thought I didn't like it due to the look at my face. I treasure this necklace and often wear it when I want to have his energy close to me. <3

Roses and I LOVED them!

A vanilla scented bath & body works set in a blue & white box.

I would have to say flowers, balloons, and a birthday cake. My birthday was a few weeks after we first started dating. My husband has spoiled me EVERY birthday since! was a zombie

but not just any zombie, it was a zombie that had bruins gear on! :]!!

Paper napkin flower. I saved it even though he said it wasn't that good. I loved it

he gifted me a song on iTunes. I think I'm in love... It was very sweet!

a card. and I did.

It was a candle! I loved it and thought he was very kind and sweet. No one had bought me one before.

The clap, along with crabs. Dirty ho..

I'm gonna say the " I love you " ring. That was a first and yes I love it to the moon and back! xoxo

his love and I sure did!! material gift was sterling roses

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