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What's something your partner does that always brings a smile to your face?

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When she farts... It's sad, but true.

When expressing ourselves :)

A random act that let's me know he is thinking of me.

Kisses me, tickles me, listens to me, makes me laugh, does something ridiculous, pets my cat, the list is endless!

I always smile when he walks between me and the road, when he cooks me scrambled eggs and refried beans, when he falls asleep on Skype, when he asks for a hug, when he tows his boat with his VW beetle, when I leave the room for 30 seconds and come back to a made many things make me smile every single time.
Cuando le doy un Ataque de besos, cuando Ella sonrie me contagea su sonrisa, cuando esta apunto de entrar al agua en su session de kite, cuando le ayudo a aterrisar su kite, cuando salta a la cama y me da un beso!!!
Male or Female, 26-30 years, Dating | Apr 04, 2014

Simplemente verla feliz y contenta me hace sonreir !!!
Male or Female, 26-30 years, Dating | Apr 04, 2014

Every time I see one of your messages, it makes me smile :)
Female, 41-50 years, Dating | Apr 05, 2014

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When he looks at me and compliments me. When he hugs me. When he does sweet and thoughtful things for me. His morning texts. Hearing words from his heart, always makes me smile the biggest smile.

When he hugs and kisses me. That feeling he gives me will absolutely never go away. He works hard for us and never gives up... AND when he gets creative in the kitchen.....yes...that would make just about any woman.... Smile. ☺️

When he does super silly and embarrassing things to cheer me up

a hug

I always smile when she speaks in Japanese. xD It's so cool.

Kisses before heading to work

When, in the middle of the night, he slides over and wraps his arms around me and spoons. I love that!

When i wake up to her lovely messages. It makes for a great morning and wonderful start to the day. Or any pictures she sends me of her

When he's playing with our daughter

when he shows love & attention to our kids and grandbabies.

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