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When you are feeling low, what does your partner do that really helps?

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He takes me in his arms, he let's me cry if I need to and doesn't get weirded out, and he listens. So many men think they can help by trying to fix and offer solutions, when that isn't what we want/need. He is an indescribably amazing listener, consoler, empathizer, and best friend.

Tell me he will take care of everything and I don't have to do anything.

My love just looks me in the eyes and tells me I can do anything. He listens with full attention. He smiles. He makes me laugh. He reminds me I'm not alone. He is my rock...

Nothing. Makes me feel low-er. 😔

Not only does he listens but he always have a way of making me laugh. he Alison prayes with me and for me.

A hug and smile usually helps tremendously. :)

Simplemente me dice "tranquila, Fabi. Yo te quiero mucho, sí?" y ya es lo suficiente...

Usually when I'm depressed, there's not much anyone can say to fix it. Making me think of other things is the best bet for making me feel better. Bacon comes to mind. There are "other" things that are distracting too... :)

She's just there for me, she'll play with my hair and help me relax or encourage me to the point that I tackle my problem with newfound motivation. She keeps me going and I can't thank her enough for that :)

She tells me she loves me and would do anything for me.

He tries to talk me through it

Cuddle and nice words that makes me feel relieved

A tight hug, especially from behind. Makes me feel like nothing else in this world matters.

Listens. Gives me a little space, then moves on with life so I have to get moving to. She's not a real sympathetic person but that makes me better. I don't need to wallow in my own sorrow.

gives me an awesome foot massage. :)

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