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Do you and your partner have any social networking rules (for example: no Facebook flirting)?

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I don't believe so? We're both confident in our relationship and social media doesn't have a large part in our relationship, besides the fact that we both like to people creep!

Hahaha we don't have "rules" but I think it is just like an understanding

Not really no. I don't like posting my life details on facebook (what's the point of being in a social network if not for that ? To be kept posted on news or events and to talk with Messenger, that is all for me) but I guess that is one compromise I am willing to make for her. To post and let her post things about us.

Nah, we trust eachother, since neither of us wanna get hurt. It seems kinda creepy to police someone's social media accounts anyways.

No, we trust each other

We have understanding & everything is open to look at whenever either wants.

Just be honest and don't play games

I don't think rules and boundaries need to be set and spoken out. If you understand your partner well enough and you respect your partner, you'll know what not to do

No we don't, I think we both no what is acceptable


hahah nei

That's ridiculous
Oh so you're saying we can Facebook flirt?
Male or Female, 21-25 years, Dating | Dec 22, 2015

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No we have trust

Not really applicable to him, but who knows, maybe girls are messaging him on facebook (more generally, I wonder if girls text him).
For me, I doubt he cares whos photos I like and comment on, but im not sure what he'd think about talking in the dms.

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