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When do you get the most compliments about your appearance from your partner?

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When I get a fresh haircut

when I wear the green/gray dress ;) but really I don't feel lack of complements my love

All the time lol. I kinda get upset, because i think he is lying

He's not very communicative about those type of things. I rarely get compliments and when I do.. It's not special. He says the same things he says to me to/about other women.

When I have make up I and all dressed up to go out

On a regular basis. But most often when I don't wear anything.

Barely 😂😭

Random moments, when we are alone

When I dress in a formal way


When I dress down. Usually sweats and hoodie. Hair tied. Mostly Chilling with no make up on. Sometimes she tells me that's when I'm the prettiest but hopes I don't take it wrong.

Uh.... He just says it everyday haha.
You're so pretty.
Male or Female, 21-25 years, Dating | Feb 08, 2019

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Every single day

When I am in a suit ! She just loves it. I love it too, though. I think there is nothing better to make a man look good, a well-fitted suit.

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