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How often do you and your partner 'do nothing together'?

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We dont need to be doing something making funny faces at eachotheris way more fun.

couple times a week

Pre-august: too much

All the time. We just chill together doing nothing

Not too much so far, it will be interesting to see if that changes. I don't think so lol

Yeah, but I don't mind it.

Not very often due to long distance


Pretty often . 1-2 hours in the morning . 7-1am at night

Never. We're always doing something when we're together.

We don't really do much at all. I know there's a lot of reasons why it is that way. However, I would like to change that a bit and be more active in our relationship in every way. I feel like we both fall into it

We rarely do nothing together, since we are now doing long distance. Obviously physically being together is more difficult, but we communicate as much as possible and still find ways to feel connected by being open to each other on how we are feeling.


Not as much as she wants, but more than I want to. We call it compromising😄

All the time. Brian hates adventures...
Never Nikki always got some type of adventure planned
Male or Female, 21-25 years, Dating | Mar 16, 2015

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