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How often do you and your partner 'do nothing together'?

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Quite a bit

Everytime we get a chance. Mainly in her room cuddled up relaxing and just enjoying each other's company
All the time usually. That's how we spend our time together just laying in bed cuddling or talking or watching tv. It's so simple but I love it. Being lazy with him is the best.
Female, 26-30 years, Dating | Nov 03, 2014

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Since we didnt have much time in the beginning work, kids , etc!!! Now finally we do. I love it when we don't have to be somewhere and can just cuddle and hold each other .

Whenever we can. We like to be together in any way we can, and sometimes that includes talking, or skyping while we do things that don't include each other, but that doesn't mean that we can't be together while doing them.

90% of the time

A lot


Everytime we get the chance.

A lot, actually. We're trying to do more together, instead of just sitting around. It's been pretty hard with both of our hectic schedules, but I hope that she knows that I love being around her, no matter what we do.

That's pretty much our thing every time we see each other "nothing"

Often....our favorites times are doing "nothing". But I would define those moments as some of the best because nothing is between us. Just us.

Cuando estaba en Colombia era muy seguido. Los fines de semana normalmente

A lot it's time we do something, ANYTHING!

Pretty often. Since we live far away from each other there are times when we get on skype so that we're together but work on stuff that we each need to get done. I just like being with him 😀

All the time lol many times we just love to cuddle and talk or nap and we're okay with that :) as long as we're together

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