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How often do you and your partner 'do nothing together'?

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Fairly frequently for a long distance couple. I think we strike a perfect balance between getting out to see the world and spending quality time doing nothing together.

All the time cause there isn't a chance to do anything

Nightly... We are in different states

Probably 2times a week

Most every weekend
Yeah... we need to get out more...
Female, 36-40 years, Married, Bi | Feb 17, 2014

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Really never

Not often enough! I regret we are so busy, but I cherish every moment together, even busy ones.❤️

Veryyyyy often. Well very often when we are together. Cachoo:)

A lot

Probably more than we should. But I like easy quiet time in this busy loud world.

Most nights

.....way too much

Often? :D

Well........that's not the WHOLE truth...what about last night??? :-)

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