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How do you think your partner sees you?

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Actually im not sure. I've heard two sides.

Como una posesion

Like I'm a great person.

A big teddy bear she feels comfortable & safe with!


Oh wow this ones a scary one. Lately I think she sees me as weak and high maintenance and ornery. I think she used to look up to me more than she does now.

As a little kid who needs attention

To be honest maybe a little needy sometimes.

A mostly confident chef that is very nice but mysterious (or just an introvert). Sometimes sexy when I cook or speak in front of a crowd. Considerate and one of her best friends that doesn't judge her past and loves/appreciates her very much. Her supporter

He sees so many good things in me that I don't even see.

In a much better light than I see myself (I think...I hope) as I sit here on my hands incredibly ashamed of my behavior and my inability to control my suffering.

I'm not truly sure idea tbh. Hopefully as a Princess. Hopefully he sees me as someone worth having and staying with and fighting for. Hopefully he still likes me even on my worst days and obviously on my best.
Female, 26-30 years, Dating | Nov 03, 2014

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Naahhh ni idea .... Eso lo tendría que decir ella

Beautiful causes she's crazy
Awwwwwww no you're beautiful and others see it too cutie
Female, 26-30 years, Dating, Gay, NJ, US | Jan 04, 2015

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Like a celebrity she's in aww of. :)

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