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Did you and your partner grow up with good relational role-models?

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I think so

Uhm I did for sure and I believe my baby did too based on how well he treats me.

Uh yeah, no. Not at all.

I did but he didn't have quite such a good experience.

I didnt and i would say he didnt either but he may disagree.

I think that your family communicates more/better their feelings. Mine was good at co parenting, supporting and backing the other parent, even though they didn't emotionally support each other very well otherwise. I can only remember hearing my parents fight with each other twice. The rest of the fights were just snide cutting remarks or silence. I think there were time they did well, but I think it was always a lot of work to keep each other happy when they were happy

No, I did not. My S/O did though

I absolutely did NOT! He, did.

I didn't but he did and it's one of so many things I love about him.


lol no.

Yes we were taught to love

I did I think. I think my S/O didn't have very good relationship role models.

I think we both did.

Yes defenatly

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