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Did you and your partner grow up with good relational role-models?

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NO lol we had to learn on our own

I did, he had some but not like I did

I did
For my parent some people yes
Others unfortunately no

I had my parents and other people in my family to look at, and it makes me wanna have a relationship like that. Although my gf has had some bad role models and some problems in the past, her personality allows for her to learn from these things and she now understands what she wants with her relationship a lot more :)

Depends how we look at it. I'd say yes though

Nee mijn vader loog en zijn moeder ook

Good role models yes.... But not necessarily our parents

....yyyyeeeess???....well we learned a couple of what not to do's. and uh. yeah. Yeah? Thomas what do you think?

Yea we both did

Lord No!!!

No we both had the worst role models but that might actually help us since we know what not to do.

Relatively yeah...I think I have good references...

Very much so. My parents have been together for 48 years and his parents for 35 years. Excellent roles models.

My parents are great, don't get me wrong, but as relationship role models they weren't who I looked at for advice. I used their relationship to better further my understanding of a relationship and I did learn to see what was good and bad and what needed to be attended to and what didn't. Outside them, I had all my own experiences that have shaped me to be attentive to the things that matter and realized shouldn't waste time on things that don't.

He did :) It wasn't the worst relationship but I def learned a lot from them

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