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Did you and your partner grow up with good relational role-models?

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Not really

To a certain extent yes. We both grew up on different extreme ends of the spectrum, me very conservative and his very open, if that's the right term. We've both influenced each other on our ways of living.


Me: not in the slightest way would I look up to the marriage my parents had.
Him: for the most part, yes. They are still together. But what parents don't have trouble? You know, just because you stay together and celebrate an anniversary every year does not mean it is where you want to be. Or should be. Or make you happy.

Yeah..being happy free bee

Yes, both of our parents have been married only once and forever. They are both good friends.

She did, but I grew up with aunts, uncles, father and mother divorced. My father has been married 4 times. Lot of heartbreak and separated families in nasty separations and divorces.

We learn from our mistakes.
We learn from our parents mistakes.
The wonderful thing is; WE LEARN!
Let your choices be your guide!

I think he did. Not so shure about me xD

Jesus, no

Both of us did, hopefully that will build a foundation for our future

I can't answer for him but I do

Not really, they were both problematic for different reasons.

Not too much but staying on the right path

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