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Did you and your partner grow up with good relational role-models?

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her parents are perfect role-models: they enjoy each other's company but realize space is needed and they do talk about their issues. Mine were the opposite. But, I did learn from them, just more of how I want make myself a role-model for others.

I guess so.


Him, he won the family of the year award. No, really, I even made him hang the award up because I was so impressed. I think being presented with such an honor, that he would have to have had good role models growing up.
I did as well.,.

I had good role models as well.


I know I didn't.
My mom was forever alone and my dad has unhealthy relationships and uses women. Because of this I've learned from their mistakes, and learned more from my adult friend's relationships, and from discussions about relationships with my Rabbi/other Jewish elders I respect.

As for him.. I would venture to say he hasn't because he's never mentioned any married couples in his life as like an exemplary couple.
But I'm not sure!

Neither of us really did, I think. My dad died when I was very young, so I never got to experience my parent's relationship. But I think my mom did give me the "tools" to be in a happy and healthy relationship just by what she's taught me.

We did. Our relationship is a good example of relational role-models.

Not many good marriage role models.
Yes, my uncle and aunt
Male, 41-50 years, Dating | Feb 06, 2013

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Not at all.

I dont think I did. But I learnt a lot about what kinda person I want to be thru seeing what I dont want to be.

We both have grandparents that stayed together until death separated them. We didn't always have the best role models in our parents but we learned what not to do from them, and take some if the good from our grandparents.
I don't think I had good day to day relational models but I had the idea that marriage is sacred and that two people are supposed to stay together. My grandparents were always loving but I don't think I observed enough of the day to day things to know what they were like
Male, 36-40 years, Married | Feb 19, 2013

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I didn't have good relational role models but she did and her knowledge and experience with them has helped to teach me how love and relationships are meant to be. Patience and compromise.

I know I did can't really answer that for him

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