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What's the best vacation or trip you've taken with your partner? What made it special?

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Going to Miami. We relaxed and just enjoyed each other without worrying about making plans or sticking to a schedule b

Philly! We didn't think about anything... Just us!

our cruise hands was romantic gorgeous we didnt have to worry about keeping a schedule and we were kinda cut off from the world..which i really liked. also recently we went to dallas...weve done this twice i love exploring a place together and doing new things

Beach. So far it's the only one.

Hopefully the trip to the beach this weekend!

The drive to and from the great state of Kansas. The scenery, dill pickles and numbness in my ass really makes for a great trip.

We only really have one -- going camping in August. It was really fantastic just spending time together like that, getting away from everything else. And despite the fact that from an outsider's perspective we didn't do anything particularly big and exciting, we had a fantastic time. Rome is coming up in December though, and I think that'll be something to remember.

Our trip to Vegas to set up wedding plans.


Every trip we have made regardless to Walmart or Florida was always insightful. I love the drives with him.

Going to the beach, and staying in a little house. Loved it!

Disney :D we had a blast it was a big step as a couple

Never once I had a trip with my baby girl, planning on it


When we got married in New Zealand

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