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What's the best vacation or trip you've taken with your partner? What made it special?

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The best trip had to be Binder Park Zoo. We had so much fun seeing animals, and I got to feed a Giraffe. We even got to go on a trip to "Africa"
Aww, I loved that trip too cutie! It was really fun and I can't wait to return ^_^
Male, 31-35 years, Dating, Gay, MI, US | Feb 11, 2013

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My favorite trip so far was to Gatlinburg. We had a ton of fun and really enjoyed ourselves.

We spend the vacation at bed,all the time

The Lone Star state. Banging in the rental car was the highlight.

We haven't done much yet. I enjoyed our trips back and forth to Florida though, especially when we'd stop along the way taking pictures. I like driving and I like you, so the combination is quite delightful.

We have been on tons of hoildays together and each one has been EPIC for diferrent reasons. We both make each one special by having so much fun together and going into our own world while on holiday.

The best is yet to be. Getting to know each other is the best trip ever.

Think that will be Scotland and I guess people can guess why. Not so much of Cardiff

Our day to rehoboth beach, it was special cause it was just the 2 of us and I fed her cherries

California, she got to meet all my family and most my friends. Maui was a great trip just the two of us.

We have been on many vacations and each one has been special. The latest one would be our cruise....or the treehouses!

When she came to band and it was snowing... In the mountains!

The times Brendan asked me to come to wells. It made me feel special that out of anyone he could bring he chose to bring me! The first time it felt so nice to see him again after not having seen him in two months. And the second time he was lovey and snuggled me when I got food poisoning, and let me sleep on him in the car. It was so awesome!

We Honeymooned in Myrtle Beach, SC. It was not only special because of our Honeymoon, but the town is a combination of a tourist and residential town. We felt like part of the community each and every day.

The Crowne Plaza, and just not having any big plans and getting to cuddle w him for days on end was literally heaven for me. Perfect. I couldnt have asked for more!

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