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What's the best vacation or trip you've taken with your partner? What made it special?

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We haven't. But insh will go on April to Honduras, Belize and Guatemala if we're ballsy

This upcoming trip in 8 days will be!! Off-season beach trip means a secluded beach and I can't wait to be hours away from everyone who knows us!

Hawaii on a marriage retreat... Hilton at Waikoloa village! Next is going to be Maui in May!

Thanksgiving and New Years :-P. You discover a lot just by holing yourself up together.
I love any time with him; we haven't been anywhere yet so I look forward to exploring a new place together.
Female, 41-50 years, Dating | Jan 11, 2013

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Definitely my four months in London, but inside of that our vacation to Paris was nothing short of amazing. A full day of Disneyland Paris, from 9 am till Midnight. Such an experience. Smiling and laughing and having the best time. Then two full days in Paris, romantic strolls down the streets, stealing kisses at every corner. The happiest I had ever been with her, and I know she was happy too :)
It was special in every way.

Saving and hoping to go to vegas!

He will be going with me to Indiana for a softball trip

little rock she was 100 percent open

Trip to Duncanville :) I love my horse riding session!
Duncanville!!! Thank you... I couldn't think of the name of the place for the longest time...
Male, 36-40 years, Dating, NY, US | Jan 26, 2013

You could've just asked me :)
Female, 31-35 years, Dating | Jan 26, 2013

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Toronto, it was the longest trip with someone I was in a relationship with

We've only been together a short while, so haven't taken our first road trip or vacation yet. I think we're both eagerly anticipating it!

When we went to Fredrick for my birthday. It was amazing.

None yet


Alaska lots of ups and downs and we learned a lot about what we need from each other

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