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What's the best vacation or trip you've taken with your partner? What made it special?

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My first trip to Boston, because I finally met his parents and Al and friends :)

We haven't been on holiday yet

We haven't officially taken a vacation, but everywhere we go we have had a great time, even if it was just to the store. We got along really well.

The first time we went out to Minden NV. It was special cause the whole family went & had an AWESOME time!!!

The trip to the 300 has to be my favorite...followed closely by our first San Diego trip

Cancun has to be the top but we have had so many memoiable trips from just an evening 4 wheeler ride to a long trip, they are all great.

When we went to orlando florida. We had a blast together

When we went to Wilmington jus me n you!

Our first Gatlinburg trip. I'd never been there but he had and it was a first real road trip away to a different state together.
Another reason it made it special was our talks in the hotel room, serious and fun conversations.

Whenever we drive long distances we always have the best times

We have never been on an actual vacation. :-(


Each of our trips have been great and so different. The "bestest" moment was reaching to summit of Mt Kilimanjaro and hugging My Honey. Well, watching the lights of the Tour Eiffel TOGETHER was wonderful ::)))

Minden was fun, Vegas was too.

The trip to San Diego, Oceanside and San bernardino.

She hadn't been to SD, walk on the beach, and to pick up our son. Every minute of those 3 days were amazing. Wished we coulda got more pictures though

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