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Does your partner listen to you?

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Most of the time

Yeah :) he does

no cause im always wrong, she always has the best possile solution im working on that though

I think he does, but I think he jumps the gun on interpreting what I'm saying at times, or becomes defensive or highly critical


Yes. He's always willing to listen and encouraging me to share more with him, which I appreciate and need!

Yes always

This is where we fail in the relationship. We both suck at it



Yes, always! We have great and long conversations at least 5 times a week! She is the greatest!
I remember. Love you baby <3
Female, 41-50 years, Engaged, VT, US | Aug 16, 2013

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Oh yeah!! She's usually a really good listener and responds really well to whatever I'm saying, especially on the rare occasion that it's actually slightly important ha.

Hope she does :)

He tries to, and most of the time he feels he does.

Yes most times lol :)

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