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Do you believe in fate, or do you believe you create your own destiny?

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I believe in fate

both but more that i create my own destiny but honestly dont want what i live i want a different life

I believe that you can create your own destiny, If you try hard enough you can make anything happen.
It often seems like things happen for a reason, but I think that it takes effort to make those things last.
Female, 26-30 years, Dating | Nov 22, 2016

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I believe in fate. But I also believe that the decision one makes can lead to shaping ones destiny.

I believe we create our own destiny. We constantly have to choose what we want our future to be and strive for it.

I believe that your fate is a product of creating your own destiny. It's predetermined, but you don't know your predetermined fate. Thus the choices you make creates your own destiny.

you create your own destiny

Yo creo mi destino

a mix

I believe in fate I guess. I do think everything happens for a reason.
Ditto, we knowing each other for a while and time picked when we should grow old together.
Male or Female, 21-25 years, Dating | Mar 13, 2016

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You creo mucho en Dios, creo tambien que uno crea su propio destino pero Dios me guia a ese destino.

A little bit of both. I believe that we are put into situations but then we get to make choices in those situations that determine what direction we go in.

Propio destino

propio destino cada día son elecciones cada minuto cada paso nos lleva a algo distinto al día siguiente

I believe it is a bit of a mix. Some things happen by chance, others you have to work hard for

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