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Do you tend to see things as black and white, or as shades of gray?

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Shades of grey.

Shades of gray

Many fun date nights with drunk friends

shades of gray

She loves shades of gray....

Shades of gray almost nothing is just black and white

Shades of grey

Shades of grey, but sometimes black and white seem to be the most appropriate at times.
Pretty much always black and white, but the older I get, the more I realize things are a little more gray.
Male or Female, 21-25 years, Dating | Feb 18, 2015

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I can see colors.

50 shades of grey to be exact

Definitely gray. People who make everything black and white tend to be assholes who don't see whole picture

mostly black and white

Shades of grey. It would be a tough, stressful and lonely life seeing everything black and white. I think life is not either/or - it's both/and. I work very hard to create a stress free life, very happy life and seeing the world through a grey lens contributes to that in every part of my life.

Black & white the easiest, but it is never that simple

Things are rarely as black and white as they seem. Shades of grey makes sense for me.

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