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Do you tend to see things as black and white, or as shades of gray?

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Used to be black and white but now gray

Blue (as in skies)

Black and white

Black and whight

Shades of gray

Definitely shades of gray. I seem to keep finding more shades!

Well, mine colour isn't in the answer but for me it's definitly red. That beautiful curly head with red hair just makes me melt. And I am so in love with every freckle on her body.

Shades of grey. There can be no light if there is no dark, thus without the presence of some dark - could you tell the difference between light and dark? Are they not totally blinding in the absence of the other? #boom

Shades of Gray. No doubt.


Definitely shades of gray!

black and white i guess? not sure what this is referring to but shades of gray is a naughty book

shade of grey!

When it comes to my man, brown....OMG. His skin is so beautiful.

Mostly gray. Maybe some things are black & white (some definitions of right & wrong), but for the most part, the world is shades of gray.

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