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Do you tend to see things as black and white, or as shades of gray?

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Rather yellow

It really depends on the situation, but I think I tend towards the "black & white" mindset.

Black and white, it either is, or it isn't.

I'm not to sure.

Quite black and white, I can be fairly harsh in my judgement of things.

They are the same to me. Without black and white you can't see the shades of grey and without grey...there is no black and white.

Green... Like that cheddar... 100 dollar bills ya'lllll

Definitely shades of gray. Things aren't always right or wrong, there are plenty of situations that require evaluation on both sides.

Both. Some things are cut and dry others not so much

Black and white

shades of gray... lots of shades... approximately 49.99.


I'm more black and white

I see everything as colorful

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