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Love In The Digital Age

TrendCentral • September 9, 2011

This new site aims to enhance users’ love lives by encouraging meaningful communication between partners. To get started, partners privately rate their satisfaction with their significant other in various areas. Based on these answers, the site endorses communication-boosting activities, such as sharing moments from one’s day or answering a series of questions like “What’s your favorite memory of the relationship so far?” or “What’s your ideal Sunday morning?”

Social media is for lovers: TheIceBreak brings couples to the web

SF Bay Guardian • September 9, 2011

Even when you meet someone online, most people would agree that the reward is eventually being able to interact with that human in real life, face to face, parts to parts. So why then is TheIceBreak getting already established couples to turn back to their computers and join the Facebook-style network designed for lovers? The answer is communication. We're all obsessed with typing, texting, and virtually sharing our feelings with our friends and family, so why not chat and share mushy-sexy-sweet-secrets with our partners over the Interwebs?

TheIceBreak Gamifies Romantic Relationships

AllThingsD • August 10, 2011

The Web is rife with dating sites, and in fact a team of early YouTubers was planning to add another one to the mix – they called it Pickv. But late last year the team seized on a different project: What comes after dating sites. And so today they are launching TheIceBreak as a personal improvement site for couples – think of it as the equivalent of Mint or RunKeeper for relationships.

Former YouTube Mobile Exec Launches A Dating Site For Couples

Business Insider • August 10, 2011

More than 60 million U.S. Facebook users say they're married or in a relationship. So why are there so few Web sites for couples? San Francisco startup TheIceBreak, which launched today after several months of beta testing with about 80 couples, aims to change that.

Can Analytics Help Fix Your Love Life?

Mashable • August 10, 2011

TheIcebreak is a newly launched online service that is supposed to help couples improve their relationships the old-fashioned way – separately, whilst staring at computer screens. Simply sign up for the service and enter in your relationship status, then invite your partner to join (however, the site appears to work if you join solo as well).

Love-life improvement site TheIceBreak aims to heat up existing relationships

VentureBeat • August 10, 2011

How do you feel about your relationship over the last seven days? That’s the first question you’ll answer on the just-launched love-life improvement site TheIceBreak. Consider it a Formspring for couples.

Gaming Relationships

Cultural Espionage • August 10, 2011

I have often seen people reference the process of securing a significant other as a game, but rarely have I seen actual relationships presented as game-like exchanges. To me, it seems as though the thrill is in the chase, and once a couple settles, things get dull and boring. Perhaps that’s a major problem that needs to be solved, which is why I find TheIceBreak, an online service that essentially gamifies relationship upkeep, to be particularly intriguing.

Relationship site The IceBreak gives Couple Therapy by Computer

Shiny Shiny • August 10, 2011

Hit a wall in your relationship? You might think that going for a dinner date or having a Talk is the answer. But how about signing into a website, answering some questions and looking at how your responses compare with globally-compiled statistics?

How Does Your Relationship Stack Up? Find Out On Theicebreak

YourTango • August 9, 2011

How well do you communicate in your relationship? Who is more romantic, you or your partner? Would you rather grow old with someone you've settled for, or be alone when you're older because you didn't find true love? New website theicebreak asks couples all these questions and more.

Stealth Startup TheIceBreak Wants To Use Gaming To Help 'Center' Your Relationships

TechCrunch • October 7, 2010

As we saw from TechCrunch Disrupt’s GameCrush, gaming and online dating can surprisingly find a middle ground. Another stealthy startup, called TheIceBreak, also wants to help people meet each other using gaming elements, but adds a slightly different twist. Co-founded by YouTube’s first UI Designer, Christina Brodbeck; and former head of YouTube Mobile Dwipal Desai; TheIceBreak is both a web and mobile game with the purpose of creating and bettering your relationships. Although Desai and Brodbeck are reluctant to give out details of the soon to be launched service, TheIceBreak is designed to stay with users through all stages of their relationships, whether they are single or not.