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Do you know how to get what you want from your partner?

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I tell him what I like and want. I do not do any manipulation or push to get what I want. I only want it from him if he wants to give it to me. That makes me happier knowing it is something he wants, as well.

Yes. I ask her& we talk about it.

Yes. If it's sexual, I can either rub his arms and body.. Or just beg because he likes that. If it's anything else, I just pout and wont stop asking.

si claro ya tenemos muchos años juntos

Hmm I think if I really want something I could just ask you

Do I? It depends on what.
You always get what you want:* unless I'm teasing you.
Male or Female, 26-30 years, Dating | Nov 06, 2015

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Lol yes. Just buy her some Coldstones😂😂😂
if you're on the road, please pull over until you're finished laughing
Male or Female, 26-30 years, Dating | Aug 13, 2016

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I don't think so, maybe. xD

Yes, asking. Talking about it.
Yes. That´s the way
Male, 21-25 years, Dating | Dec 23, 2017

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Haha I ask?
For example
"Hey baaaaby *smiles* would you go down on me?"

A trick is to ask while you smile. She knows how to please.

No I dnt think so lol

I usually ask for it and we talk about it. If it's something sexual then I try to bring it up casually or I discreetly start doing little subtle things to get him in the mood and let him think it was his idea.

She dont refuse thing mostly she accept dirctly.
Yes, I do know if it is not really extraordinary thing
Female, 36-40 years, Dating | Sep 25, 2015

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No way! She only gives me what I don't want: A headache & abstinence.

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