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What's the sexiest part of your partner's body?

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Those lips. Pretty much her whole body. Mmm mmm mm such a turn on

Her bright, sparkling blue eyes

I love her tig ol' bitties!!!

those lips

Her bright, sparkling blue eyes

His Arms, hands, lips, and eyes

Her hands. 😍😍😍😍😍

Her eyes. They're gorgeous!

Wow tuff. If I had to choose just one it'd have to be her beautiful face. That said there are about a thirty other favorites I could mention. She takes such good care of herself.

The split between her thighs. I love being in between that.

Her sweet ass!

That's hard to pick. She is incredibly sexy. But I have a thing for her incredible abdomen. And her legs blow my freaking mind. AND GOOD GOD DAT ASS

Collar bone neck region when it comes to non organs. Also her smile. Her breasts are smaller and unique but her pussy is perfect along with her ass is as well. Her ass size all depends on her wait but even when thin it's a little bubble I love to squeeze.

Her smooth, soft, kissable skin, hips and thighs.

Her beautiful face, gorgeous eyes, perfect tan, amazing ass and flat tummy. Flat tummy is a must

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