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Around the house, what jobs does your partner do that you hate?

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He does everything! It's just amazing how he jumps in and does things- even tedious things right along side me... It's a blessing!!!! :)

He does the dishes! The one task I can't stand the most and he does them for me! 👏

He folds towels wrong

Sweeping. Decorating

Strange question. Don't know.

We don't live together. But he is welcome to do any jobs around the house he wants to :))


Dishes ;) thanks baby!

Laundry but only bc I'm neurotic lol

She cooks. And not something simple. She cooks with creativity and comes up with tasty, healthy meals.

Cooking, I can't cook

Laundry and dusting
Cleaning Kingsley's ass
Male, 31-35 years, Dating, WA, US | Jul 24, 2014

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Soak dishes in the sink

Nothing at all

Nothing. Mayb just her messy room but when i move over i will assist with that

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