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Are you a saver or a spender? How about your partner?

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Ugg. If we had extra I think we'd now be savers!! Hard to go from paycheck to paycheck juggling.

I'm a saver but when I spend I tend to splurge... And I think Mattys the same way ;) or else he spends all his money on Chewits :p

I'm the spender , she is the saver
You are correct!
Male or Female, 26-30 years, Dating | Mar 05, 2014

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both he does finances but i can spend if i want sethimg

I'm a saver I save all my money and put money aside that I can spend if I want to and I'd say he is more of a spender which isn't always a bad thing

We are both savers but my wife like to shop waaaaaaay more than I do!

I'm a saver 99% of the time ... but a spender when it comes to my loved ones. ^_^ I'll buy something expensive without a second thought if I know they'll like it, but I tend to be much more careful when I'm shopping for myself ... although I'll have random shopping sprees sometimes!

I think we like to spend more money on certain things. He likes to spend money on food and cars while I like to go shopping!

I am both a saver and a spender....but only spend on real bargains or when we've saved enough to cover it

My honey is neither a saver or spender

Both savers:I'm pretty sure it's in our blood

We both are

We both are

SAVER! and when I am comfortable with the amount I have, I will allow myself to spend a bit.

I think I am little bit of both, she is definitely more of a saver than spender

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