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What are you most grateful for in life?

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Being with my soulmate and having her be the best ever

The education and stability my parents have given me. The more I talk to people, the more I realize I have had a wonderful childhood and that I have amazing parents, which I am grateful for.

That I am with the love of my life. That I found you. That thankfully you love as well.

that i have been gifted good health and resources to not worry while i do things i love

My Dope-Sober Date, Danny's still in the mix,& I never lost my kids due to my Fucked-Up-Ness

I am grateful that I still have my vision. It may get to a point where I am blind and I am so thankful I have been able to slow the process of losing it down considerably.

Estoy muy agradecida por mi hijos, mi saluds, mi familia, mipareja y todo las bendiciones que Dios me da adirario.

mi familia. mi marido
por la vida en si.
Male, 21-25 years, Married | May 13, 2019

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My wife and kids.

That I'm still alive and that I finally found the love of my life and we have adorable babies that I love oh so much.

Obviamente por ti

The family I had the privilege to have and still have. I'm supported 100%, my triumphs celebrated and my failures are met with compassion and positivity. I'm loved and couldn't have asked for more.

Having a best friend that's there through thick and thin and for never giving up on us. So grateful for him.

la familia era la prioridad en mi vida que me mantenia con los pies en la tierra y con ganas de ser una mejor persona , y que apezar de todo el desastre te mantuvieras a mi lado David

my love seldon and family

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