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Want to go pick out stuff/decor for the house together?

Anything that comes to his mind. Its important to me he knows he can ask & say anything.

If there's anything we can do to make our relationship better than it already is

Would you like to go cushion shopping today?

What can I do for you today my love? How can I brighten your day? Would you like to do something fun together?

Ahahahaha that's private.

Will you massage my body with lotions and kiss me everywhere and make love to me all night.

Lol the BIG question but I know he wants to but not just yet but he knows I can't say no 😋

In a while maybe will you marry me again.

Will you go ( insert place here) with me. ( a date that doesn't Involve the night on my couch)

How I feel

Do you want to go shopping? Do you want to go eat at x place? Do you want to go to x place? Do you want to talk with me? Do you want to put make up on me? You want to do online shopping? Do you want to talk about our relationship?

Which Womble do I most identify with?

he can ask Anything that he wants. He's pretty good at asking me questions. sometimes even that make me dig deep for an answer. Sometimes it's hard to even answer. I have gotten really good at keeping my feelings and emotions in but he's getting it out of me. I am curious to his answer to this question though. ;)

I'd like her to ask me to come back to bed in the morning. ;)

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