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Do you and your partner agree on political issues? If not, how do you handle it?

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We don't talk much about it ...

I guess we are partners, kinda... ;) We haven't touched on this topic just yet too hard, but I know we have a lot of the same views just from some thing we've talked about. Interesting to see what it will be like when we get more comfortable with each other in expressing of political views.
I know there are a few issues we probably disagree on, but I respect people having different views. I would want to know your side and listen to what you have to say because ultimately I respect you.
Female, 31-35 years, Dating | Dec 24, 2015

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I think so, but discuss it if not.

Yes and no. But no matter what we respect each others opinions

We respect each others views. It is not an issue.

Never! Sometimes we’ll debate but usually I try to avoid it

yes I think we do, it's part of why I love you

"This is the question you ask? No wonder you don't have any friends."

I believe that we have very similar views.

I think I'm more inclined to listen to his views before forming a new opinion- merely due to him knowing more about it. People assume I'm more left than I am. I feel we are pretty alike, liberal.

We basically have the same political orientation. We agree on most things and, because we are not very political people, we don't talk about it much. But when there are events on the news, we talk about it and usually have the same view on it.

We don't really talk much about politics. I think we tend to mostly agree, but it's not something we discuss much

Creo que no coincidimos en ideología, pero coincidimos en respetarnos y en el respeto hacia todas las personas

We don't really talk about politics lol. But we would prob agree

We are non supporters on who was elected president of 2016. I am unsure on my baby girl's stance on the opposite opponent, because I gladly would have voted for her, had I been one year older. I am much a pacifist, and I believe in sit ins, peaceful protests, and nonviolence. I am expanding my horizons on politics little by little. It's a work in progress.

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