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What turns you on about your partner?

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Everything his smile his eyes his personality I just can't get enough of him

oh lord, where do i begin? His stomach, smile, eyes, his over all being ;-)

When she initiates...makes me feel wanted and sets the right tone.

When she surprises me with the smallest detail

Everything. Her shape her smile her loving words, her intellect, I could go on for days

Everything about her :)

The way she looks at me and touch me

Everything 😍😍

E V E R Y T H I N G!!!! She's got the sexiest hips & butt. Her eyes & lips are so seductive. Just her smell turns me on!

When he talks, he has a really deep voice

His height and his attire

His hands when they touch me.
His eyes when they're soft
His smile when he wants me
His love when it's available
His words when they are real

I would have to say his mind first and foremost!😳

Literally everything, physically and non-physically. And the certain look that I can't describe that she gives is absolutely a turn on. She's more than perfect.

Even tho I kid with her all the time about what she eats. She still has an amazing body. But her eyes have always been gorgeous

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