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Other than what they are doing now, what career do you think your partner would be good at? Why?

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Stripping. She did alittle before she met me, she has talent

I think he'd be fantastic as a university lecturer. He's very patient, and has a real knack for explaining things without all the uncomplicated jargon when talking about a subject he's passionate about.

He might not agree with me but architect. He's very creative and good with drawings, planning.

Hmmm I think helping people in some way so he can still say he is saving lives. Actually maybe a teacher. That would be so interesting to see!

Being a doctor Ofcourse!

A web developer, you live computers and you work hard at then so you would be amazing in any career involving computers or the Internet

Modeling. Seriously! I will keep trying to push him to go after that.


Plenty jumps to mind. She was GREAT at her previous job, early childhood specialist. She would also make a great "Top Cake Maker" if she decided to restart her previous business. New careers she would be fantastic for are real estate agent and interior designer. She has a great vision for properties, homes, rooms, furniture, decorating... She has a good head for trends, a good eye for putting things together, and an all around talent for design. Likewise, she would make a great fashion designer.

There's a lot she is and would be good at, but I think she'd make a great Veterinarian, and would be good at working with children with developmental disabilities.

A teacher, he's a math genius and is very patient. He explains stuff very well and is very thorough. He knows how to keep people focused and on task. He helps me with my homework sometimes when I need it, and I learn a lot actually. He's helped my 8 year brother as well. Very good with kids!

I don't know what to say about this one, I am sure that you are universel and have the background in many different types of things that are not just "dead-end" jobs....but I guess I will have to say that Warehouse is the best way to go. ..That is the happiest I've seen you, besides My Dad!!!! What I think you are capable of doing is drug counselor, some mental health care, also working with the SBH children in middle school.

Lawyer or Doctor. For sure but the best job you'd be good at is being a father.
Artist, for sure
Male or Female, 26-30 years, Dating | Nov 06, 2015

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A book keeper

ventas, porque es una persona con mucha paciencia y carisma.

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