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What's the best vacation or trip you've taken with your partner? What made it special?

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Our cruise to the Bahamas last yr because it was our 1st trip ever in our relationship of 6years but I think it will be the one that sticks the most out of the many we go on in the future. She was such a beauty on the sand on the jet on the balcony of the ship, her n the breeze of the ocean the sun the flow of the water was like heaven with a angel

The 45 min at the beach waiting for our daughter to come back on the train

I think 4 yrs ago we went to an island,stayed in a 4★ hotel.for me it is special bcoz not all are given the privilege to go to that certain island

To the hospital the day our son was born

Our camping trip around Colorado 4 years ago. We got to spend some quality time together that hadn't in while.

When we drove down to Mississippi to see Miranda Lambert in concert. Getting to meet Miranda back stage was awesome but what made it special was sharing the experience with the one I love.

Camping! We were basically alone with each other for a couple days and somehow never got tired of it. Starlight, figuring out how to get a grill started, doggie doors on tents, getting repeatedly lost on the way there, I have a lot of good memories from that weekend.

The orlando trip was fun but the camping trip where we were always camping was fun as well...

Our mini vacation in Napa and Fairfield

A couple years ago we spent an anniversary at the beach. It was super relaxing and the sex was great.

Waiting to see what trips we take! They will all be fun! So far, even car rides are. :)

NYC 5-yr anniversary trip. She planned it so well and completely

Best vacation was our trip to the Madonna Inn. Not sure why year, but we ended up canceling the room for the rest of the weekend and took off to Disneyland!!! What made that trip so awesome is that it's totally not like me to be able to take off and change plans! It was exciting the moment we got our money back and took off for Disneyland! Hands-down best trip I've ever been on in my entire life!!!!

Everytime I go somewhere with her is super speacial, she the best part of my life

It was only one. Very special indeed. I hope we won't break up on every trip together. :))

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