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When and how did you first meet your partner?

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I was working on Palle the stupid musical haha and you were helping Jaime with tap!

One time, a few years back, we both worked at the same bar, but never on the same shift. I thought she was absolutely stunning, but she was already taken so I didn't pursue her. Now she's all mines and I'm glad for that.
:] and he was into blondes at the time. 😉
Female, 31-35 years, Dating | Mar 11, 2016

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Claudias graduation

Match date- we met in a coffee shop. Mug Shots!

þegar hún byrjaði í kársnes gíska ég á

At trivia night at a local bar, just after she moved into town. I feel kinda lucky I just so happened to be in the bar that night, since I wasn't doing the trivia :p

Met at speedway!

Really we properly met on the night out with John and Imogen when we talked about Book of Mormon

I meet him through the international club in college. the club made a Hawaiian bbq party one day, and thats the first time I saw him...though we didnt ge to talk. it was until the club organized a bonfire at the beach. We were all siting in a circle and then he sits next to me!!! then we started to talk. And thats how it happened😍

A little over two years ago, at a creative writing course.

Fue un dia lunes que me aparecio la sugerencia de amistad en facebook

One blessed day he came into the gift shop & made small talk.

Technically at a pinning ceremony. I complimented her Eskimo shoes & talked from there.

Lync. Then facebook messenger. Then in person.

Online in June and in person we'll meet in December at the airport

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