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What was the first thing your partner said to you?

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The very first time we were around each other we spent an entire night laying in the floor and talking. We went in detail about our families, friends & other childhood experiences. So much was said I can't remember what his "first words" were other than maybe hello followed with, "Hi my name is..."

Qué lindas placas negras xd

I cant remember, probably "hi, nice to meet you".

Happy birthday

"Well damn. U are poked"
I still have his message...

Sadly can't remember. I'm sure if had to do with me complementing her Eskimo slippers.


I can't was on Tinder
Female, >50 years, Dating | Sep 03, 2015

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I don't remember.

Got a light?
Other than 'Hi' and other introductions at trivia night, probably 'Come sit up here', since her and her dog (and my sister) were occupying the couch, and I was on the floor (was in a D&D campaign with her roommate at the time). Thankfully, her dog allowed me to sit next to her :p
Male, 31-35 years, Dating, NY, US | Dec 07, 2015

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Not sure. We worked together. I didn't even like him at first.

Hello Mistress...

"How old are you ?"
Omg I was vaping when I read this and I laughed and choked lol
Male, 26-30 years, Dating | Sep 29, 2015

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Hmm I believe it was just the simple introduction, saying his name and me saying mine.

I believe it was something like this, correct me if I'm wrong!

Me: hey, you're nick's sister right?
Her: yes, hi. Nice to meet you

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