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How long is it since you gave your partner a present for no reason?

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I've never done it but I plan to 😊

En febrero pero como siempre, no lo quiso

Technically, I got her a gift today. She's not getting it till a few days before valentines day though!

Not very long, I just bought him something a week or two ago. And I have something in mind coming up ;)


It's been a couple weeks now.

None yet.

Too long! I guess you know I love you but maybe I need to get you random presents to show you how much

I like to by her flowers. They smell nice and are an enchantment to the sight. Last present I gave her ? I guess a sweet cake from the bakery in front of our apartment. She likes them so I thought I could buy her one :). I don't usually do this, but I think it is nice from time to time.

good idear! 😜

Couple days ago

Too long. I know I should do this more often

Too long

I think there's always reason behind the thing I get you :)

like 2 weeks

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