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Do you tend to see things as black and white, or as shades of gray?

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I guess it depends on the subject I've been told I'm either black or white but then there are done things that are a very gray zone with me

50 shades

You don't see just black or white with your eyes, right?) I see things that happen to me as shades, definitely.

I think it's black and white. I don't know, it's just who I am. It's always either right or wrong, appropriate or inappropriate. And it'll always be like that, I'll never change, I never feel like it

Black and whote

Black and white depending on aituation

Mostly in black and white. It gets me in trouble often because the real world is arguably thousands of shades of gray.

Both. But mostly black and white

I am too mentally screwed up to answer this correctly

Gray is a very unique and intriguing color. Shade of gray most definitely.

Black and white with some gray areas between.

I tend to see things in black and white extremes.

50 shades of grey

I see things as very black and white. Very rarely is there anything in between

Shades of gray

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