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How have your parents’ expectations about your relationship changed through the years?

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They no longer think about it

They only focus on the outcome, not ups and downs

They expect a stand up man with strong character and the ability to be a responsible and hardworking provider.

They've never had expectations, just focused on hoping we were both happy together

They've never had expectations. Not that I am aware of.
They just want me to be a good girl <3

Well. My dad is finally okay with it 😂😂

What a complex answer I'm formulating in my mind.... I'd pass for now. Don't really want to figure this out. ..... NEXT!

They went from "eager to get us talk to each other" to "saying no on our request to meet"

They have none

Not sure

Well I think they maybe thought it wouldn't last at the beginning because they know I will move home eventually but now I think they realise that we will work hard to make it work despite where either of us lives

I think they expect us to be together so we dnt have to keep driving to each other

I think now they've met Jessica for a longer time than 2h, they appreciate her. However, it is not their choice to make and whatever they say, I am convinced she is my love forever and that we will make a hell of a family :)

We've only known each other for not even a year lol

crecen mas

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