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Was it love at first sight for you? And if not love, then what?

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No it wasn't I had to get to know him to actually know I cared so much for him. We definitely did have a connection at first sight though.

It was not love at first sight like the novels, but it was friendship that was born a very great love.

Close to it. lolll I remember seeing him and thinking he was ka- uuuuute, way cuter than his friend I was kind of talking to. 😎 Of course the situation I was meddling my way into was already a sticky one sooooo he just had to be the one that got away. πŸ˜•πŸ˜œ Plus, he was into blondes at the time. 😏 Psha, timing is everything though. 😍

Lol definitely not, we hated each other and I also had a boyfriend when we met.

I don't remember I was too drunk. I remember looking at her butt a lot that night. Our love came to light when she came to the hospital after my motorcycle wreck.
You were a cute drunk Olaf, and you got me a real glass of water. That's love πŸ˜‰
Female, 21-25 years, Dating, KY, US | Feb 07, 2016

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Definitely curiosity. I needed to know more.

Love takes time, so I don't believe "love at first sight" exists. It's more like attraction.

No love takes time, it was affection from first interaction maybe.

era atracciΓ³n a primer vista y ganas muchas ganas de conocerlo .era misterioso.

not at first sight, friendship at first

Fuck yeah.

No, but he is the one I chose. We were friends back in college, even before I kissed him there. Then we were friends before He kissed me in the barn door. It was that week that I knew he was the one I wanted to love forever. Back in 1994, the pastor of my church told me I would go to Lee (the college we met at) and meet my husband. It only took us 15 yrs to find each other again after that first meeting, and another 4 to actually get married.

I would say no, at first sight it wasn't really anything, it's better for live to grow than just be instant

awwww love at first sight
Male or Female, <20 years, Dating | Dec 26, 2015

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Love? Not necessarily. It was lust and longing. A crush was born outside the bull when we saw each other.
❀️😘 felt the same way, about you and your truck ;) even though I didn't get to ride in it
Female, 26-30 years, Dating | Dec 20, 2015

Well, that'll change in March, beautiful. :)
Male, <20 years, Dating | Dec 20, 2015

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