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How do you feel about your partner having a best friend of the gender they are attracted to?

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Would definitely be jealous regardless if I knew the person or not. I wouldn't like it and I think he knows that

No tengo problema con eso. No me gustan los celos.

I always felt more connected with girls. I feel sort of guilty because whenever I mention a name, 90% of the time it is another female and I don't want you to get jealous. However, there's only one person that I'm interested in being with emotionally and physically, and I'm proud to say that I've been dating her for the past few months. Being someone with a girl best friend, it wouldn't bother me at all if you had a guy best friend. I'd love you all the same and trust you.

I feel the same way she does

I guess it's fine, unless it's obvious the guy is really into her, in a way that says he wants it to be romantic and not just friends.

Absolutely fine with it.

Better fuckin not.

I don't care. We're all allowed to have best friends, no matter the gender.

I think it's ok. As long as the girl is not hitting on him. It depends of what kind of girl it is.

I don't mind. I think that as adults, we do whatever we want and it is our job to not make our SO doubt. It is a matter of respect for one another

I trust him, but I don't always trust the friends though because he is a bit of a pushover.

La verdad no lo se. El no tiene amigas q yo conozca y yo tengo a mi mejor amigo quien es parte de la familia y jamás me hizo problemas el

i don't care to be honest. i trust her.

I used to be not sure about it cos I get jealous easily. But now I'm pretty ok with it. I know he wouldn't hurt me.

I trust him just as long as she or he doesn't cross the line.

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