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If money was no object, how would you show love to your partner?

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I would clear his schedule for three months, rent a Spanish villa and let him paint while I took care of everything for him so he could do it without distraction.

This is a trick question ;). I would still listen to her, hug, kiss, make love, help around the house, and hang out with our two amazing children. On the other hand, taking a prolonged work hiatus and traveling around the world might help as well, haha :)
I love your heartfelt answer. I'm going the materialistic route and buying you your Corvette! Would also love traveling the world with you. :)
Female, 41-50 years, Married | Jul 28, 2014

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Year with no worries and no responsibility just walk drive fly wherever whenever

A vacation to Europe

This may sound strange, but the first few things that jumped to mind weren't material at all. I would spend a lot more time at home, with her and our children, than I'm able to right now. She feels loved through "acts of service" so being able to spend more time at home would allow me to better express love to her in that way. I'd lighten her load so she would have more time to do things for herself.... and we'd take a bunch of kick-a trips too.

by paying off all debts, and providing support to his mom and children so that they are taken care of.
Financial security first, then travel and adventure!
Male, 41-50 years, Dating, MT, US | Sep 07, 2014

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Graduate with my MBA already (2 yrs down, 5 left...) and get my coffee roasting business rolling

Take her to Europe Nd get her Italian leather shoes and dinners at all the best places
Awwwwwww BABY
Female, 26-30 years, Dating, Gay, NJ, US | Jan 04, 2015

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Gold dildo or tickets on trip around the world

I would throw him a huge super hero party. He would be batman, of course. I would be cat woman or poison ivy. It'll be a good time. I think he would like that.

Dropping everything and moving in with him or starting our own life

I honestly don't see our life changing drastically if money was no object. But id definitely help her pay off stuff, get her the perfect bike, and then get us a comfortable and cozy home with her espresso machine, of course.

Buy him the camper he wants and plan some real fun trips we could go on and relax and enjoy ourselves.
Get her all she wants. Including hot parties with the hottest people around for wild fun nights. 😜👍
Male, 26-30 years, Married | Sep 15, 2014

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Going on a vacation to a destination of his choice.

I'd take him far away so he would be comfortable and I'd give him the life he deserves.

I love you babe so much 😊😍
Male or Female, 26-30 years, Dating | Feb 24, 2015

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