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What was the first gift that you received from your partner? And did you like it?

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My necklace from jersey and I love it 💕 it never comes off

Fue un cuadro que ella hizo con todo lo que encontró y me encanto

well, harusnya selimut HAHAHAH
Male or Female, 21-25 years, Dating | Jun 30, 2017

memang selalu lupa dia wtf..
Male or Female, 21-25 years, Dating | Jun 30, 2017

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My red set of dominos, I love them
My sweet smelling Romance and I love it so much❤️And l love that you love it too😘😘
Female, 41-50 years, Dating, LA, US | Jan 14, 2016

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A charm! Love the charm hate the fact it was a guilt present 😂
It wasnt guilt 😂 I think mine was a cup of tea...xx
Male or Female, 26-30 years, Dating | Feb 02, 2016

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Uhm during the relationship ... Probably food, so heck yeah.

Panic album..of course

I don't remember

A patron bottle for my birthday and then a card and chocolate after our night together ❤️ I looovveeddd it

Holy hell, I got a tower of gifts! It was a combo of all the senses, well thought out and each one wrapped individually. 5 different gifts, one for each sense.

A sports bag, for my birthday, even though I did not throw a party. In it were a towel and our partnership contract. Amazing memory, she was all nervous and shy when she gave it to me. It really pleased me, I thought it was such a nice present and that she was so sweet to have made me one.

First first a grey goose bottle but being a couple 3 different types of hi-chews with a letter wishing me the best on Winter 2014 finals

I think it was a yeti mug! I love itttttt! I almost lost it but setting it on my car. 😇 or maybe it was the hammock that holds my daughters stuffed animals. I like that too! those things are getting out of hand. 😂 he's so sweet and thoughtful. 😍😘

I can't remember exactly what was his first gift, I think it was a Kanzashi. It was a birthday gift and I loved it!

It was a Gorilla Pod for my camera, and a very thoughtful gift. Even though weren't officially together, I could tell he's put some thought into it. It wasn't the big grand gesture gift - as we didn't know what wouldn't happen between us - and it wasn't the I'll just buy anything gift - because it's Christmas and I feel I have to -. It appeared to me anyhow, that it was the - I know photography is your passion and I want to buy you something that you'll be really pleased to get from me.

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