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What do you think contributed most to Ashton & Demi's breakup?

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Jealousy on demis part and too young on Ashton's

With a huge age gap comes not a lot in common. But seriously- are we supposed to care about some celebrity couple?

An unwanted power imbalance in the relationship. Fame, money, youth/attractiveness all can potentially create an imbalance. When there is an unwanted imbalance, things get difficult. An imbalance can work, however, if both people re happy with it.

Don't know who thAt is

Who cares?? Why is this question even on here?

The best surprise is yet to come. Finally finding true love and happiness with someone who genuinely loves and adores me for me not for what I can do for them. While she's still all alone with her dogs with no one on her side bc the one person that was on her side for 16 yrs (me) she decided to let gooooo

I wasn't career convenient for them anymore. That's all Hollywood marriages are.

Who gives a shit
That's not nice.
Female, >50 years, Married | Feb 02, 2014

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Mostlikely age

who f----ing cares

age difference, duh?



Age and fame

I don't care and have not followed

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