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Have you ever paid for sex? Would you be hurt to find out that your partner had?

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No..but I would be surprised and wouldn't know what to say

No. And I don't think girls would ever have to pay for sex. But it would definitely change my opinion of her if she did

no and no

😂 Never... it's a different world for men and women though. He's too cute to have to pay for sex! Although, depending on how you look at it, when we hooked up for the first time you'd taken me out a few times, paid for everythingggg... soooo 😂🔫
That's not paying for sex, goose. That's us in a relationship. I was raised in a family that believed that the man should court the woman.
Male or Female, 26-30 years, Dating | Mar 21, 2016

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No. Yeah I would because I want to be enough for him.

Noooope. & as long as it wasn't while she was with me I don't care. That's her business.

Hell no! And it wouldn't hurt me that he paid for it because it's in his past.But if he's who I think he is, he'd never do that anyways.

No and no. The past is the past. As long as it doesn't affect me then I don't care.

Heck no, I've never paid for it! But I mean, he could pay me for sex by making me a sammich after. lol! I kid, I kid... sort of. Yes, I would probably be hurt if he did that but he never would so we're all good.

no. yes, but just ´cause i think that we must to talk about that before

No, and I'd be truly surprised if he had. He wouldn't need to.
Oh you flatterer you.
Male, 36-40 years, Dating, ENG, GB | Nov 19, 2015

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No and no, seems stupid to be hurt about your partner having sex in the past.

no lol

No I haven't ever paid for sex. I would not be mad if my spouse had paid for i would've confused that they were not up front about it.


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