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What's the sexiest part of your partner's body?

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Everything! His arms, his face, his eyes, his smile, the way he looks at me when he doesn't intend for me to see, his chest and everything else that's not supposed to be mentioned


Your Big shoulders and chest(. your back as well)
i love your butt baby..
Male or Female, 21-25 years, Dating | Sep 28, 2016

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Arms(sexiest), face, legs


His hands, beard, eyebrows, neck, butt... can't choose only one

I really enjoy looking at her back, the curve of it, the color of her skin, the softness of it, the artwork on it...

OMFG! May I say everything? His voice(even though is not a part of the body), his hands, his mouth!!! Pancho!!!! His tongue, his legs, his arms! His butt hehe. His eyes! Wow! Basically him!

chest and face

Oh god, that butt... Seriously... but then, everything else is sexy too. Whole legs, boobs, back, all the stuff. What do I do?

His beard.


cuando me llega a ver tiernamente y sonrie . , cabello , piel lampiña , el calor de las manos ,y el trasero .


her ass

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